Working in the Online Gaming Industry

If you are an online gamer and you want to earn money from the industry, then there are plenty of jobs out there both full time and part-time. In this blog I am going to go through some of the jobs that are out there – some pay well and other not so well, so it really depends on how you see yourself building a career path in this industry.

The first thing to remember when it comes to this industry is that it is incredibly popular. With popularity comes competition, and so many online gaming jobs are probably underpaid because the employers have such a mountain of job applications despite advertising quite low rates per week month or annum.

Be prepared to for this as you try to climb the ladder in an industry that is not always as clear-cut as it would seem. As with any career, you need to take into consideration many variables to make sure you are getting into the right line of business and making sure that you will be employed by the right kind of employer.

  1. Working in an online gaming store

This is more of a part-time job. You probably are not going to get rich by working as a sales assistant. Even if you are paid commission, you will need to become quite the sales person to make this a career that is worth your while. Some guys I know do earn quite a lot of money selling hardware. I mean high spec hardware that has some pretty decent profit margins.

In part 2 you will see that a friend of mine opened his own online gaming store that has a twist to it. It is a store as well as a community place for gamers to come and play games. The store attracts quite a few walkers-by and he has some decent advertising outlets to bring in customers. This is the kind of store that you would want to work in as a salesperson on commission.

If you start working in one of the retail stores such as Game, then you are more than likely just going to become part of the system with no commission, a basic salary that will only increase with inflation (if you are lucky), and your career prospects not so good unless you can somehow make it to area manager where the pay is survivable – and you will be working in a job that you may enjoy.

That being said, you will not be playing games all day. You will be selling games to a customer and if you are a manager, you will be dealing with your staff; therefore, you will be managing people.

  1. Open your own gaming store

As in number 1, you really are going to have to be a very good salesperson, and in addition to this, you will need to have a good business mind if you want to make any money from an online gaming store. A friend of mine has an online gaming store where you can go in there and play on one of 40 high spec PCs and Alienware laptop he has in there.

This, in turn, creates a lot of sales because those gamers that come in there either have money to buy their rig or they know someone that does. He also pays referral bonuses to those that get him a sale. He is successful because he knows once he has a lead, he can sell. Plus, he has a very good business mind and probably makes in the region of $100,000 a year in profits.

  1. Start a website in the online gaming industry

This is hard work! Anyone can have a website but finding people that are going to help you make money on your website is tough going, to say the least. You will need to firstly have a good product or service that will attract a lot of online traffic, so you can make a sale online. You may just have a website that is purely for informational purposes and makes money from advertising. Whatever your website is, you have to be sure that you invest plenty of money into good content and advertising.

  • Selling cheats and hacks
  • Selling Advertising space
  • Selling games or hardware
  • Selling tips and guides

There are so many different angles you can take when it comes to advertising online. You just need to find that niche or one thing that no one else has thought of. Or you need to make sure that you have a unique offering if you are selling a product or service that is in a competitive marketplace.

In part 2 above, my friend also has a decent online store as well as a forum and information hub. He has Social Media connected to this too. He asked someone that used his shop to design the website and social media for him, which is where 90% of his brand name is mentioned. That is to say, his website and digital marketing bring in 90% of his customers; while, walk-in customers are 10%.

Once the online customer visits the store physically or starts to purchase online, then his marketing then tunes into repeat sales as hardware always gets old, and those people will be back to sell their hardware for second-hand sales, so they can fund the purchase of newer up to date piece of kit.

  1. Become an online booster

This is a service even I have used in the past, and one that is also an idea for a website if you know anyone that is particularly good at an online game; specifically a MOBA game. Multi-player Online Battle Arena games are extremely popular nowadays. For example, Dota is one of the most popular along with League of Legends. In these games, you are given a rank or placed into a certain skill group.

The higher the skill group, the more bragging rights you have over your friends. Generally, you do not get to brag so much over other you play with because you are usually only matched up with players of the same rank as you. However, you do get bragging rights if you are playing in a due or party game with other friends – in these games there tend to be wide gaps between ranks.

Due to this need for bragging rights, or to play with better players, boosters exist. These are high Calabar players that are semi-pros at the game. They are so good that they can get onto almost any player’s account and win the game single handily, If you are one of these players that is absolutely top of your game, then you will easily be able to get a job as a booster.

The pay is not always that good, but if you boost, then you could also possibly get a job as a coach too. Coaches can be paid $30 to $200 per hour and in some cases much more.

  1. Become a coder

You will need to become very good at coding and designing if you want to be part of the online gaming market. The one great thing about this industry is that the companies involved know that you do not have to have a university degree to become a good coder. In fact, some of the best coders are self-taught school dropouts. That is not to say you can drop out of school and play online games – these guys sat there and studied the code of the games of their time as a hobby.

If you are already a coder, but with no qualification, then you should try to get yourself onto some projects. Try some of the website platforms that are always on the lookout for coders. UpWork and People per Hour are two such websites.

For those of you that have a very basic knowledge of coding, time of the essence. You will need to be fairly young to get into this industry. The reason I say this is because if you don’t know much about code at this time, then you have a lot of catching up to do. You will need to study hard, take some courses, and even consider getting a university degree of that is an option for you.

Coders in the online gaming industry today are generally mature and have been coding for many years, or young and just starting to build a career path for themselves in this industry.

Do you want a job in the online gaming industry?

Search around before you apply for a job in this industry. Also, make sure you are doing the right thing. Although you may love online gaming, the one thing you do not want to do is go into a low paid job that has no future, which means you would waste time in a job that you may like, but does not pay enough to pay the bills.