VPNs Ideal for Crypto and Online Gaming

With today’s huge surge of cryptocurrencies becoming popular has come with it a lot of fraudulent activity. Becoming a hacker now has new meaning because those that prey on the weak can get paid very well for their efforts – especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. One of the backdoors into many people’s systems is via online gaming. If you deal in crypto and play games online, then make sure you have a VPN to protect yourself.

In today’s modern gaming industry there are quite a few gamers that have turned to cryptocurrency. It stands within reason too. Gamers are known for being innovative early adopters of new technology. Therefore, many online gamers are familiar with cryptocurrencies. At the same time, this fact alone makes gamers the ideal target for hackers.

Why are gamers the ideal target for Crytpo hackers?

As with any business, the business will target markets where it knows it will be successful. If you have a town that is 80% female, then opening a shop that services female clientele is going to be the most sensible choice. If you are a hacker looking to steal cryptocurrency, then online gamers are also the perfect target. You are going to get more winning hits as a crypto hacker here compared to the alternatives.

Financial markets are a target for hackers too, but only hackers with advanced knowledge of how to get into these sophisticated and very secure financial networks. On the other hand, a gamer at home playing online or using their mobile to connect to apps they really don’t know are safe are very unlikely to have any kind of security in place.

According to CNN in a report late November 2017, Google said that over 250,000 web logins are stolen every week. That is a scary thought, and you have to ask yourself how the hackers are getting this information.

Why are you at risk playing online games?

Obviously, some of the most popular online games you are not going to be at risk. For example, if you play Dota or Call of Duty, then these websites have reputations to keep. It is unlikely you are going to get hacked. That being said, if you happen to be someone that likes to purchase digital assets from external websites (armor, banners, custom designed weapons, hero kits, rare collectibles), then you could be at risk.

Many people buy items to enhance their gameplay. Those items can often be found on websites external to the game. They also offer the chance for players to pay via cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Those sites require that the user signs up for a membership. The big risk here is that when the player signs up, the website could be stealing information about that user in order to later hack their cryptocurrency account. The same tactic is also used to hack people’s eWallets such as Skrill wallets.

Another instance where gamers leave themselves exposed is when they download a lot of different online gaming apps. This is very common among teenagers who nowadays tend to swap from game to game. Now at this point let’s revisit the earlier comments made in regards to gamers who are early adopters and therefore already investing in cryptocurrencies. For a hacker, the two go hand in hand.

Downloading apps from Google Play or Apple store may seem safe. However, there is no guarantee that these games have not been designed to steal personal information from your phone or gaming device. This issue was outlined in a report by SafeGuard who cover the subject of mobile apps stealing data.

This is mainly because people are not using any form of protection when connecting to these apps. As a matter of fact, when you connect to these apps, you are leaving the door wide open for the app to search the rest of your phone. Now, this would not happen if you used a VPN.

What is Virtual Private Network Software?

Now even for many young people that think they know everything about technology and mention a VPN to them, they will still ask “A VPN connection what is it?”. It is actually very surprising how many ads that must come up every day offering VPN services, but still people ignore them and don’t wonder why this important piece of software is being advertised so often.

A VPN service is the best way to protect yourself from hackers. It is also very simple to use.

What is a VPN Service and How Can it Protect You?

VPN software can be downloaded onto your smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet or even directly onto your home internet router. Once it is installed, you can activate it.

Activating a VPN service will create a private encrypted virtual tunnel to a server that will act as a front end for your internet connection. If anyone latches onto your connection, all that will happen is that person will access the VPN server you are connected to. The encrypted tunnel will block the hacker from being able to get back to your device. The same applies to when you are playing online games.

Effectively you are connecting to the game using the VPN server that the tunnel from your machine is connecting to. It is as ingenious as that. Any request for data by the application will hit a brick wall. This is also perfect for when you are dealing in cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, because your connection via a VPN is completely private, the fact that you are surfing cryptocurrency related websites will be hidden. If a hacker does pick up on your connection, as mentioned, the hacker will hit a brick wall when trying to discover any data about you or when trying to steal your private key.

Recap: VPN service what is it? It is the best way to protect yourself from hackers. If you connect to gaming websites that are not trusted, download a lot of gaming apps on your smartphone, and you deal in cryptocurrency often, then get yourself a VPN. The encrypted virtual tunnel created will block hackers from getting your personal information, and your internet activity while on a VPN is completely private.

I highly recommend anyone that deals in crypto and gaming to get yourself onto a VPN immediately!