VPNs Ideal for Crypto and Online Gaming

Crypto Gaming

With today’s huge surge of cryptocurrencies becoming popular has come with it a lot of fraudulent activity. Becoming a hacker now has new meaning because those that prey on the weak can get paid very well for their efforts – especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. One of the backdoors into many people’s systems is via online gaming. If you deal in crypto and play games online, then make sure you have a VPN to protect yourself.

In today’s modern gaming industry there are quite a few gamers that have turned to cryptocurrency. It stands within reason too. Gamers are known for being innovative early adopters of new technology. Therefore, many online gamers are familiar with cryptocurrencies. At the same time, this fact alone makes gamers the ideal target for hackers.

Why are gamers the ideal target for Crytpo hackers?

As with any business, the business will target markets where it knows it will be successful. If you have a town that is 80% female, then opening a shop that services female clientele is going to be the most sensible choice. If you are a hacker looking to steal cryptocurrency, then online gamers are also the perfect target. You are going to get more winning hits as a crypto hacker here compared to the alternatives.

Financial markets are a target for hackers too, but only hackers with advanced knowledge of how to get into these sophisticated and very secure financial networks. On the other hand, a gamer at home playing online or using their mobile to connect to apps they really don’t know are safe are very unlikely to have any kind of security in place.

According to CNN in a report late November 2017, Google said that over 250,000 web logins are stolen every week. That is a scary thought, and you have to ask yourself how the hackers are getting this information.

Why are you at risk playing online games?

Obviously, some of the most popular online games you are not going to be at risk. For example, if you play Dota or Call of Duty, then these websites have reputations to keep. It is unlikely you are going to get hacked. That being said, if you happen to be someone that likes to purchase digital assets from external websites (armor, banners, custom designed weapons, hero kits, rare collectibles), then you could be at risk.

Many people buy items to enhance their gameplay. Those items can often be found on websites external to the game. They also offer the chance for players to pay via cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Those sites require that the user signs up for a membership. The big risk here is that when the player signs up, the website could be stealing information about that user in order to later hack their cryptocurrency account. The same tactic is also used to hack people’s eWallets such as Skrill wallets.

Another instance where gamers leave themselves exposed is when they download a lot of different online gaming apps. This is very common among teenagers who nowadays tend to swap from game to game. Now at this point let’s revisit the earlier comments made in regards to gamers who are early adopters and therefore already investing in cryptocurrencies. For a hacker, the two go hand in hand.

Downloading apps from Google Play or Apple store may seem safe. However, there is no guarantee that these games have not been designed to steal personal information from your phone or gaming device. This issue was outlined in a report by SafeGuard who cover the subject of mobile apps stealing data.

This is mainly because people are not using any form of protection when connecting to these apps. As a matter of fact, when you connect to these apps, you are leaving the door wide open for the app to search the rest of your phone. Now, this would not happen if you used a VPN.

What is Virtual Private Network Software?

Now even for many young people that think they know everything about technology and mention a VPN to them, they will still ask “A VPN connection what is it?”. It is actually very surprising how many ads that must come up every day offering VPN services, but still people ignore them and don’t wonder why this important piece of software is being advertised so often.

A VPN service is the best way to protect yourself from hackers. It is also very simple to use.

What is a VPN Service and How Can it Protect You?

VPN software can be downloaded onto your smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet or even directly onto your home internet router. Once it is installed, you can activate it.

Activating a VPN service will create a private encrypted virtual tunnel to a server that will act as a front end for your internet connection. If anyone latches onto your connection, all that will happen is that person will access the VPN server you are connected to. The encrypted tunnel will block the hacker from being able to get back to your device. The same applies to when you are playing online games.

Effectively you are connecting to the game using the VPN server that the tunnel from your machine is connecting to. It is as ingenious as that. Any request for data by the application will hit a brick wall. This is also perfect for when you are dealing in cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, because your connection via a VPN is completely private, the fact that you are surfing cryptocurrency related websites will be hidden. If a hacker does pick up on your connection, as mentioned, the hacker will hit a brick wall when trying to discover any data about you or when trying to steal your private key.

Recap: VPN service what is it? It is the best way to protect yourself from hackers. If you connect to gaming websites that are not trusted, download a lot of gaming apps on your smartphone, and you deal in cryptocurrency often, then get yourself a VPN. The encrypted virtual tunnel created will block hackers from getting your personal information, and your internet activity while on a VPN is completely private.

I highly recommend anyone that deals in crypto and gaming to get yourself onto a VPN immediately!

Blockchain Games Hidden from Trojans and Cheats

The blockchain has been working its magic on a number of industries, and one of those is the online gaming industry. The gaming industry as a whole is now connected online and worth over $100 billion per year – a number that will continue to rise over the next decade. It is no wonder the blockchain gurus have been targeting the online gaming industry to find a way to boost its efficiency and most likely to get a piece of that gigantic $100 billion pie that keep rising year on year.

One of the new ways the blockchain will contribute to the online gaming industry is by creating games that are free from trojans. This is revolutionary idea created to give people hassle-free gaming without having to be held up by trojans slowing the game down, trying to intercept data, installing a virus and even better to stop those that play using cheats.

Ridding Online Gaming of Hacks and Cheats

Cheats are not the biggest problem in the list of tasks blockchain developers have ahead of them to give gamers a better gaming experience, but it is one point that I have become very interested in.

When playing games such as Multi-Player Online Battle Arena games, there are some people that are able to get hold of cheats. Now, these players do eventually get caught out. For example, Steam gaming has its own method of working with game developers to detect cheats. One of the most well-known inceptions was the Valve Anti-Cheat mechanism.

Read about the Valve Ant-Cheat Software here

This was due to the number of online players that were able to discover and implement cheats for games such as Counter-Strike. This occurred way back in 2002. There was mass cheating in the game and to be honest it made the game almost unplayable at one point. Honest players were being destroyed by dishonest players that were using cheats making the game only playable if you had a cheat.

Obviously, the problem meant that the skill of the game was out the window. There are plenty of other games that have suffered the same fait and disappeared because they did not deal with a mass of gamers using cheats to play the game. The plague of cheaters destroyed the game and left the developer with no hope of ever recovering their reputation.

Dota 2 was recently plagued with Phantom Assassin and Invoker cheats. There were also numerous other heroes in the game that could benefit from cheats made specifically for the game. Luckily, Dota developers; who are in fact Valve, the very same people that saved Counter Strike with its Anti-Cheat software, were already on top of it. Their reaction was not as swift as many would have liked, nonetheless, they dealt with it by detecting cheaters and banning their accounts.

Currently, the technology behind ridding the game of cheats is unknown. Few people have spoken about how this will happen or the technical side of how developers will make this work, but as with many other industries benefitting from blockchain tech, there always seems to be a solution that works on decentralization and ownership that is in the power of the user.

Ridding Online Gaming of Trojans

In many ways, Trojans are also cheats because they intercept the game’s code. However, we will speak about trojans that are there to steal your personal information or install unwanted trojans on the device being used to run the game.

On most decent games such as PlayStation games or many well-developed PC games, the Trojans are not much of a concern. On the other hand, if we look at mobile games or many games that people just sign up to and play online, most of the time people have no idea that the game is in fact not well developed. The advertising to get people to sign up and play may be very well thought out, so we would naturally assume the game is one of quality.

The cold hard truth is that many of the newer games from developers that many of us have not heard of are using basic code or their complex code has holes in it. These holes are easily exposed by experienced hackers and trojans are sent through the code and set to react with other code when initiated. This could be when a player presses OK to get to the next level, but as a hacker found this is where the code is exposed, the player pressing OK means that the trojan will initiate without the player even knowing anything has happened.

Now blockchain tech intends to do away with the risks the developers take releasing beta code. Developers will be able to work with the blockchain and develop beta versions of their games with absolutely no chance of trojans or hackers being able to infiltrate the system.

Most likely this will be achieved using some form of smart contracts via a decentralized blockchain architecture.

What have we learned?

There is not too much by way of technical information to learn right now, so apologies to all you techies hoping for an inside look at ‘how new blockchain tech will stop cheats and trojans’. Maybe all you code gurus the best place to look is somewhere like Medium where this article explains a bit more, but again the technical side is not 100% clear here either – however, I am sure you will find more information leading on from this.

For all those of you out there fed up with trojans, viruses, and cheats able to manipulate gameplay, you now know that the guys working on blockchain do know these problems exist within the online gaming industry, and they are working on creating a blockchain architecture to stop this. At best guess, this will be different levels of code and higher level game functionality code will be inaccessible by hackers due to the high-security levels of the blockchain.


Working in the Online Gaming Industry

If you are an online gamer and you want to earn money from the industry, then there are plenty of jobs out there both full time and part-time. In this blog I am going to go through some of the jobs that are out there – some pay well and other not so well, so it really depends on how you see yourself building a career path in this industry.

The first thing to remember when it comes to this industry is that it is incredibly popular. With popularity comes competition, and so many online gaming jobs are probably underpaid because the employers have such a mountain of job applications despite advertising quite low rates per week month or annum.

Be prepared to for this as you try to climb the ladder in an industry that is not always as clear-cut as it would seem. As with any career, you need to take into consideration many variables to make sure you are getting into the right line of business and making sure that you will be employed by the right kind of employer.

  1. Working in an online gaming store

This is more of a part-time job. You probably are not going to get rich by working as a sales assistant. Even if you are paid commission, you will need to become quite the sales person to make this a career that is worth your while. Some guys I know do earn quite a lot of money selling hardware. I mean high spec hardware that has some pretty decent profit margins.

In part 2 you will see that a friend of mine opened his own online gaming store that has a twist to it. It is a store as well as a community place for gamers to come and play games. The store attracts quite a few walkers-by and he has some decent advertising outlets to bring in customers. This is the kind of store that you would want to work in as a salesperson on commission.

If you start working in one of the retail stores such as Game, then you are more than likely just going to become part of the system with no commission, a basic salary that will only increase with inflation (if you are lucky), and your career prospects not so good unless you can somehow make it to area manager where the pay is survivable – and you will be working in a job that you may enjoy.

That being said, you will not be playing games all day. You will be selling games to a customer and if you are a manager, you will be dealing with your staff; therefore, you will be managing people.

  1. Open your own gaming store

As in number 1, you really are going to have to be a very good salesperson, and in addition to this, you will need to have a good business mind if you want to make any money from an online gaming store. A friend of mine has an online gaming store where you can go in there and play on one of 40 high spec PCs and Alienware laptop he has in there.

This, in turn, creates a lot of sales because those gamers that come in there either have money to buy their rig or they know someone that does. He also pays referral bonuses to those that get him a sale. He is successful because he knows once he has a lead, he can sell. Plus, he has a very good business mind and probably makes in the region of $100,000 a year in profits.

  1. Start a website in the online gaming industry

This is hard work! Anyone can have a website but finding people that are going to help you make money on your website is tough going, to say the least. You will need to firstly have a good product or service that will attract a lot of online traffic, so you can make a sale online. You may just have a website that is purely for informational purposes and makes money from advertising. Whatever your website is, you have to be sure that you invest plenty of money into good content and advertising.

  • Selling cheats and hacks
  • Selling Advertising space
  • Selling games or hardware
  • Selling tips and guides

There are so many different angles you can take when it comes to advertising online. You just need to find that niche or one thing that no one else has thought of. Or you need to make sure that you have a unique offering if you are selling a product or service that is in a competitive marketplace.

In part 2 above, my friend also has a decent online store as well as a forum and information hub. He has Social Media connected to this too. He asked someone that used his shop to design the website and social media for him, which is where 90% of his brand name is mentioned. That is to say, his website and digital marketing bring in 90% of his customers; while, walk-in customers are 10%.

Once the online customer visits the store physically or starts to purchase online, then his marketing then tunes into repeat sales as hardware always gets old, and those people will be back to sell their hardware for second-hand sales, so they can fund the purchase of newer up to date piece of kit.

  1. Become an online booster

This is a service even I have used in the past, and one that is also an idea for a website if you know anyone that is particularly good at an online game; specifically a MOBA game. Multi-player Online Battle Arena games are extremely popular nowadays. For example, Dota is one of the most popular along with League of Legends. In these games, you are given a rank or placed into a certain skill group.

The higher the skill group, the more bragging rights you have over your friends. Generally, you do not get to brag so much over other you play with because you are usually only matched up with players of the same rank as you. However, you do get bragging rights if you are playing in a due or party game with other friends – in these games there tend to be wide gaps between ranks.

Due to this need for bragging rights, or to play with better players, boosters exist. These are high Calabar players that are semi-pros at the game. They are so good that they can get onto almost any player’s account and win the game single handily, If you are one of these players that is absolutely top of your game, then you will easily be able to get a job as a booster.

The pay is not always that good, but if you boost, then you could also possibly get a job as a coach too. Coaches can be paid $30 to $200 per hour and in some cases much more.

  1. Become a coder

You will need to become very good at coding and designing if you want to be part of the online gaming market. The one great thing about this industry is that the companies involved know that you do not have to have a university degree to become a good coder. In fact, some of the best coders are self-taught school dropouts. That is not to say you can drop out of school and play online games – these guys sat there and studied the code of the games of their time as a hobby.

If you are already a coder, but with no qualification, then you should try to get yourself onto some projects. Try some of the website platforms that are always on the lookout for coders. UpWork and People per Hour are two such websites.

For those of you that have a very basic knowledge of coding, time of the essence. You will need to be fairly young to get into this industry. The reason I say this is because if you don’t know much about code at this time, then you have a lot of catching up to do. You will need to study hard, take some courses, and even consider getting a university degree of that is an option for you.

Coders in the online gaming industry today are generally mature and have been coding for many years, or young and just starting to build a career path for themselves in this industry.

Do you want a job in the online gaming industry?

Search around before you apply for a job in this industry. Also, make sure you are doing the right thing. Although you may love online gaming, the one thing you do not want to do is go into a low paid job that has no future, which means you would waste time in a job that you may like, but does not pay enough to pay the bills.

Will the Blockchain Revolutionise Online Gaming?

When we talk about the blockchain, many of you are probably thinking about the financial side of the topic because we have all heard about Bitcoin and some have even heard about Ethereum. However, if you did not already know, the Blockchain has become far more than just the value of digital currencies despite the huge number of cryptocurrency exchanges. The Blockchain is bringing out solutions for the healthcare sector, transport sectors, supply chain management, and now it is also hitting the online gaming market.

According to Coin Central: The combination of the blockchain and online gaming is an emerging goldmine!

Blockchain Gaming is Worth $50 Billion!

Now, I have only just discovered in this very report that blockchain technology within the gaming industry is now worth more than $50 billion. That is a staggering amount and I would never have guessed that investors, business, developers, and others had staked so much on the gaming market.

Wax and Enjin Coin ICOs Leading the Way

Currently, according to Coin Base, the way these two ICOs are penetrating the online gaming market is to take advantage of what is currently a marketplace full of fraudulent transactions.

WAX eradicates this style of fraud by introducing what is a virtual marketplace, so people can use WAX tokens to trade. Although this is good for any other transactions, it is also an ideal platform for online gaming commerce.

Enjin coins are similar but use Ethereum rather than its own digital currency. Gaming communities can then create their own groups and trade with each other using their own currency. Members can do this via their own smart wallet.

Blockchain Driven Games

We have already seen online casinos hit the blockchain, which is not secret with real money gaming websites such as Edgeless marketing its concept of 0% house edge to kickstart the blockchain’s online gambling prowess.

Now we are seeing games such as Pokemon Go coming through as games that are played via blockchain tech. In some cases, other games help players receive other monetary rewards for their gaming in the form of digital currency. This currency in the future will be swapped out for fiat currency, other digital currencies, or used to purchase goods.

One concept in action right now is the use of XP (Experience points). You can take on certain tasks to earn XP points. Those XP points are effectively a digital currency token. As you well know, a digital currency is tradable for other digital currencies and goods.

Esports Betting on The Blockchain

Esports has become the internet’s most popular games because of the huge prize money involved in competitions. Games such as Dota 2 have long been pulling in yearly prize pools of over $15 million in its main event. There is also over $50 million of prize money in other events. Another game that also boasts figures as high as Dota is League of Legends. In fact, there are over 50 Esports games out there with huge prize pool making millionaires out of professional players.

With so much popularity, especially in the USA where gambling is not really legal, you can imagine there are a lot of people that want to place bets on the outcome. Blockchain tech is now operating a lot of the sites that take bets for these events. For US citizens, the only way to legally make bets is via cryptocurrency because at the moment the country does not recognize digital currencies as legal tender.

As a result, the financial laws that restrict online gambling in the US do not prevent US citizens from betting online using digital currencies. This has led to a huge increase in blockchain operated Esports betting websites!